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Katharine Morling Ceramics

We love all things ceramics at The Paper Parlour so when we happened upon just one glimpse of Katharine Morling’s fabulous work we had to find out more. Poison Pen – Stationery Ceramics!!! Katharine uses porcelain and black stain to create these masterpieces We love the attention to detail and her painterly style. Click here to view […]

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Royal Nymphenburg

Here at The Paper Parlour we had seen various examples of this porcelain before and we loved it but we never knew anything about the creators and makers behind it. Thank goodness we stumbled across a book called ‘The Craft and The Makers – Tradition with Attitude’. This book is a wonderful source of inspiration and […]

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Johnson Tsang – Weird & Wonderful

I came across this first image and it made me chuckle. I thought it was magic how the little baby/creepy old man flew out of the crushed head so gracefully. Then I thought how amazing the detail was and I had to find out some more.  Johnson Tsang is the  Hong Kong based artist and sculptor […]

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